Houston Hurricane Attorney

Houston Hurricane Attorney


Houston Hurricane Attorney that aggressively represent business owners and homeowners to quickly and most efficiently recover from Hurricane Ike. Hurricane Ike was a catastrophe that resulted in billions of dollars of damages to homes and businesses in Texas, especially in Galveston and southeast Texas cities such as Houston and Beaumont.

Services Provided

  • Web Design Services
  • HTML/CSS Development
  • On-Site SEO:
    • Meta-Tag Optimization
    • Keyword Analysis/Optimization
    • Content Optimization
  • Contact Form Setup
  • Analytics Implementation/Setup

Project Date

  • 07/2009





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Thanks for all your help! I value your technical knowledge and ability to discern good strategies for making things work the way we envision them working. You have been extremely helpful. I'm sure this would not have gone as smoothly with some of the other developers that I've worked with.
Rick Schettino
Creative Consultant